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Safety Advice

notepad with emergeny escape written on it

Emergency escape plan!

Your ability to get out of your home during a fire depends on advance warning from smoke alarms and advance planning Fire can spread rapidly through your home, leaving you as little as one or two minutes to escape safely once the smoke alarm sounds. A closed door may slow the… Read More »Emergency escape plan!

man changing the battery of his smoke detector

Fire Prevention Week

October 4-10 2020 is Fire Prevention Week       Importance of fire prevention In a fire, mere seconds can mean the difference between a safe escape and a tragedy. Fire safety education isn’t just for school children. Teenagers, adults, and the elderly are also at risk in fires, making… Read More »Fire Prevention Week

image is a photo of a space heater

Space Heaters- be careful

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 25,000 residential fires are associated with the use of space heaters every year. Make sure to only use space heaters with current safety features, like a tip-over safety switch, and to always plug them directly into a wall.

image of coffee and phrase identify theft

Stopping Identity Theft

It’s Identity Theft Prevention Month, and stopping identity theft is easier than you think! Many people become victims of identity theft when they click a link in a fake email. Never follow an email link requesting personal information or passwords! Instead, go to the company’s website directly from your browser… Read More »Stopping Identity Theft

Holiday Home Security

Online shopping is a great convenience, but those packages on the front step can be an easy target for thieves. Consider having your holiday deliveries sent to your work address if no one will be home when they arrive. You homeowners insurance may cover stolen packages, but it’s subject to… Read More »Holiday Home Security

picture of driver

Drunk Driving Prevention Month

December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. Did you know that 41% of all traffic crashes are alcohol related? Drunk driving can permanently affect you and anyone else on the roads, but the financial aftermath can also last for years! Even a simple speeding ticket can impact your… Read More »Drunk Driving Prevention Month